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The course of our company “D. Konstanta O.E.” began from the grandfather, who transmitted the experience in his son and then in his grandsons Ilia and Vasilis Konstanta.

After many years of successful course in the area of ?bakery? “carrying” the knowledge and flavors of bakery products, from the oldest, they decided to extend in the area of frozen products of dough. They created in a privately-owned space of 20 acres, in the region of Sxolari Lagada of Thessalonica, a super modern industrial unit, of a total surface of 2.500 t.m.

In the age of development and typification we accomplished using specialized personnel, modern technological equipment and pure materials to have an ascendant course. Abiding by all the rules of safety and hygiene with continuous qualitative controls in the productive process we possess the HACCP certification.

The company having conquered the preference of the consumers with the “Gemisto Koulouri Thessalonikis” continues keeping inalterable the interest of the customers enriching in the area of bakery the flavor in the “kritsini” (breadstick) and pioneers in the area of frozen products by producing a new product the “Sarikopites”.

With longing, knowledge, experience and devotion in the absolute quality, the personnel of the company creates products of high quality and flavor so that there is an excellent collaboration with our customers inside and except Hellenic Space.